Radiation Therapy

Clermount County Cancer Center is a state of the art cancer center with a compassionate and healing environment. Radiation therapy is given by the latest technologically advanced linear accelerator, and this type of new technology is called “CONE BEAM CT LINAC“.

“For the past 3 years Dr. Patel was the first Radiation Oncologist to introduce the newest Elekta Technology “Cone Beam CT” in Southern and Western Ohio at the Adams County Cancer Center and Portsmouth Ohio at the Scioto County Cancer Center. He is now bringing this new technology to Cincinnati, Ohio.

What is Radiation Therapy ?

Radiation therapy is the therapeutic use of high energy x-rays to treat cancerous tumors or areas from which tumors were removed. Radiation therapy may be used to try to cure cancer, to control the growth of the cancer or to relieve symptoms such as pain. Unlike other forms of x-rays, therapeutic radiation is more penetrating and focused. The radiation disrupts the genetic make-up of both normal and cancerous cells. The damage to normal cells is usually temporary and repairable; however, the damage to cancer cells is intended to be permanent. This damage helps to prevent the cancerous cells from reproducing. Sometimes, radiation therapy is the only treatment a patient needs, and other times it is integrated with chemotherapy and/or surgery.

Some patients have concerns about the safety of radiation therapy. Radiation has been used successfully to treat patients for more than a century. External beam treatments, such as those provided at this Center, do not cause the patient to become radioactive following treatment because the radiation does not stay in the body.