Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy in Batavia and Bethel, OH

Prostate cancer is a condition that has become more and more common among Americans. This condition can be intimidating, but with the right prostate cancer clinic, you will be able to find the treatment that works for you and your situation.

At Clermont County Cancer Center, we provide our patients with a treatment option outside the hospital system. Our patients in the Batavia, OH, and Bethel, OH, areas will receive the most advanced treatment as well as professional, experienced prostate cancer clinic services.

How Can Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy Help?

Radiation therapy is an effective treatment option for many patients. This treatment can help to:

  • Damage the cancerous cells
  • Control the growth of the cancerous cells
  • Relieve pain and other symptoms

Therapeutic radiation is a very popular treatment option because it often only temporarily impacts normal cells, but it permanently damages cancerous cells. And for many of our patients, our prostate cancer radiation therapy services is all they need. Other patients may also benefit from additional services like surgery and/or chemotherapy.

What Happens During Radiation Therapy?

A patient undergoing prostate cancer radiation therapy will first be prepped for the treatment. This preparation step will help ensure that the radiation is used in the areas needed while avoiding healthy skin tissue.

After the preparation is complete, the patient will lie down while a linear accelerator machine moves around their body and sends the radiation into the correct spots. This process should not be painful, and it usually only needs a few minutes to complete.

Many patients will need to undergo radiation therapy around five days a week for seven to nine weeks.

If prostate cancer radiation therapy is a treatment option you’re interested in, contact our Batavia, OH, office today at (513) 735-4442. At Clermont County Cancer Center, we offer the most advanced technology for cancer treatment from a caring, personable staff.